FuzzyRabbit Fotos | How to select favorites for photographer


Log into the website and you will see on your page a link that says "ADD TO FAVORITES".  Click this link.  As you see a photo that you would like to purchase, click "Add to Favorites" and you will notice the number at the top left corner of the page change each time you add a favorite.  Once you are done with the photos, you can then click on "My Selection" at the top left hand corner and it will open an area with just the pictures that you have selected.  If these are just a list of photos that you want to order you can leave them like they are.  If they are to fulfill  a specific order, please select "send to" in the top left corner and select "send to photogapher".  I will receive the email and can place your order from the email list of favorites.  


If they are the pictures that you would like to include in your photo book, you can arrange them in the order that you would like them put into the book.  Once you are sure that these are the photos that you want, you need to select "Send to" in the top left corner and select send to photographer.  Fill in your information and I will receive an email with the list.  This makes it easier for placing orders and ordering. 

Call if you have any questions.